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Cage Wizards

Cage wizards, erroneously referred to as bird magi, are a rare breed:

They are created when wooden cages made from oak, ash, or thorn tree wood are exposed to magic radiation for prolonged periods (for example the cage of a wizard's pet bird). The innate life-magic present in the wood interacts very slightly with the arcane magic radiation. This low level interaction between the two magics is amplified by the cage itself as the bars of the cage begin to magically resonate with each other. The resulting positive interference creates a magical effect strong enough to spark life in the wood of the cage.

Waking Up
Their first impulse upon creation is typically to fashion a body construct. This occasionally takes the form of a rudimentary skeleton, but is most often just a "skin" consisting of animated clothing that the cage floats atop. They are often very particular about trying to make their clothing appear as though it is covering a body, and without physically handling a Cage wizard it can be difficult to tell if they do have an artificial body or have merely animated their clothes believably.

Their second impulse is to find a bird. This is a survival impulse. Most who try to kill a Cage wizard will mistake the bird for the wizard, and think nothing of the cage. Cage wizards are excellent at playing dead. Like their clothing choice, Cage wizards are very particular about the bird that they choose. Different Cage wizards have different preferences, and many scholars believe a Cage wizards choice of bird is indicative of their personality as a whole. The only known necromantic Cage wizard kept ravens in its cage, for example.

Cage wizards display their status within Cage wizard society (which is, admittedly, quite small) by the decoration on the cages themselves. Precious metal filligree and coating of the cage indicates a higher status. It is unknown how this status is determined, and could merely be an individual Cage wizard's own idea of themself to be acknowledged or discarded by other Cage wizards. 

Most Cage wizards are docile, eccentric, and quaint. They cannot speak but will communicate simple ideas in gestures or more complex ones in writing. They are most commonly found trying to create an intricate magical garden, exploring the world searching for pretty stones or rare fungi, or tending to an avery. They are also very shy, and will startle easily.

Cage wizards behaviour is often heavily influenced by psychic remnants in the arcane radiation that helped birth them. That is, the wizard or wizards whose magic caused the radiation. The most noticeable of these behaviours is dress preference (which is why they are most often found sporting robes), but they inherit certain gestures and tics from the wizards as well. The druidic associations of the wood they are made from is also thought to influence their personality.

Due to this influence, some Cage wizards can be more aggressive than others. Also, if the arcane energy that birthed them comes from many many sources, the resulting Cage wizard will act erratically and be dangerously unstable.

Magical Ability
Unlike wizards of other races, Cage wizards are not compelled to gain power for powers sake. They are mostly content with hedge wizardry, and small practical spells. Due to their natural curiosity for the world, however, they are some of the most innovative wizards when it comes to the creation of spells. Many will know at least one unique spell that is especially useful in the environment they are in, or for their particular hobby. They might be tempted to teach the spell to someone, but they will no doubt have an unusual favor to ask first.

Wensel Oken
Cage: Oak - no adornment, papers covered in maths at the bottom
Bird: Owl
Hobby: Mathematics
 Calculate - Performs simple mathemetical operations written on a piece of paper and writes the result. Requires ink.
Wensel travels to wherever mathemeticians gather. Every time Wensel is seen, they solve some theorem that had eluded the mathemeticians there for years, or present a new theorem that takes years for the mathemeticians to understand.

Veren Aish
Ash - coated in silver
Bird: Gull
Hobby: Fishing by a stream
Spell: Depth Sound - Detect fish and geography of the ocean floor including any anomalies such as shipwrecks or ruins, though not so precise is that. Requires a string and a humming stone.
Veren is not well known. Veren keeps to themself, lazing by a pond or river and hauling in catch after catch. Veren fancies themself quite the charmer, and will gesticulate as though engaging in hearty conversation with anyone that approaches in a friendly manner. They will also invite anyone they meet to dine with them for an impressive meal of excellently prepared seafood. Veren does not get to eat the fish they prepare, but derives much pleasure from watching others do so. Veren's gull will also take part in the meal of course.

Oros Black
 Blackthorn - detailed with gold filligree
Bird: Crow
Hobby: Fortune telling
Spell: Tomorrow - Answers truthfully if a particular thing will happen tomorrow. You must ask whether a specific event will occur, it will not tell you what events occur. Requires one diamond sharp enough to draw blood, which it will do tomorrow somehow.
The oracle to see for all the elite in North Dandon. Very vogue, mysterious, a true thrill for the gentle people of the city. Oros mostly uses tarot cards to make predictions, but collects all manner of fortune telling apparatus from the travellers that pass through the city. Oros is far less solitary than other Cage wizards, though will still withdraw when startled.

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