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Truly living up to my website's name of making "things" I have made an android app! It's called WIkiHop and it's in early access now.

To be fair, it is a game which is the general oeuvre of this blog. It's a mobile trivia game app where you can challenge people one on one in a game of obscure connections!

Check out the download link below but first here's how it works:

1. WikiHop is the Quiz Show that fits in your pocket!

2. You start with a random Wiki article (or you can select your own)

3. You guess an article that you think is linked to from the first article! If you're right, you hop to that article and it's your opponents turn to guess! If you're wrong, you lose this round!

4. If you were right your opponent starts from the article that you hopped to and tries to guess an article linked to on that new article! So try to think of the most obscure connection possible to stump your opponent.


Posted on May 21st, 2020 by RhysHexmapping Tool | Twitter | Patreon