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What Love Made Us Make

Magicians are so rarely lovers. Those few that are have made some of the most beautiful and most heartbreaking things.


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Heart's Guide


Soldier's Hour


Bottled Scorn


Promise Drop




Narcissus Mirror


Heart's Guide - Compass
A rosewood compass with carvings of flowers and anatomical human hearts. It points to the nearest loving couple.

A desperate young mage made it after becoming separated from his parents while travelling through the deadly Greay Swamps which drain the emotion from people who dwell in them too long and is filled with all manner of evil creature or band of threatening men. The only thing he could count on to bring him to safety was his parents love for each other. The telling of the story differs on whether or not the compass pointed him to them or not.


Soldier's Hour - Hourglass
An hourglass filled with black sand made of enchanted diamond powder. There are many of these, sold for absurd prices to soldiers about to go to war. The fact is, most do not survive in the wars against monsters and dark magic. These pieces of magic are made to provide some solace to those who face war, both for the drafted and those that they leave behind. Two people touch the hourglass. Upon the first touch the sand will change colour. The colour is unique to each person and will be for them most soothing and pleasant to behold. The second touch will cause it to change colour again, a blend of both of their colours. They then turn the hourglass over, together. While the sand falls, the two will be lost in a dream of a happy lifetime together whatever that may look like for them. The dreams always end the same way. With the couple about to die, ready to accept the loss of the other. They wake, and often, are better able to accept their parting.

The sand dissappears as it falls, meaning the hourglasses can only be used once. Nontheless, some get addicted to living out full and happy lifetimes as well they may. Those that do are swiftly bankrupted, and can find difficulty in their search for someone to share an hour with them. There are others who have sought to use the hourglasses forcefully. An extreme form of emotional manipulation, it can be incredibly effective. A debt-collector, for instance, might be much more lenient to someone who they have loved for a long and happy life even if they know that life was never real. Though this is not an especially reliable technique, even if you are cold enough to attempt it. Waking up and remembering that a whole lifetime was forced upon you by the one you thought you loved often feels like a terrible betrayal by the person you trusted most. It is much like adding a huge amount of gasoline on to a fire. Certainly, you might smother it if you're lucky, but you might also have just added a huge amount of fuel to make it burn ten times as much.


Bottled Scorn - Potion
A vial of thick murky green liquid. Requires a clipping of someones toenail. Used to help, or force, that someone to move on. Causes fond thoughts about the target to turn into bubbling disgusting bile that forces its way into your mouth and coats your tongue lingering there while the thoughts remain.

The effects can be cured by drinking three pints of your own freshly drawn blood all at once. This is a dangerous amount of blood to lose. As you drain it out of you into a pitcher, you will quickly decide whether it's truly worth it or not. Oftentimes those that deem it worthwhile will not have the medical knowhow to prevent the loss of more than three pints or aid their own recovery afterwards. And if they do die, the Bottled Scorn still achieved its goal of ending their desire.

Promise Drop - Glass Raindrop
A blown-glass raindrop that has been magically linked to a promise. If the promise is broken, the glass shatters. Used by some cultures in place of wedding rings and make promise drops of incredible beauty. They can be used for all sorts of promises, however. One particularly untrusting Lord required his subjects to sew the promise drops under the skin of their right wrist when they swore loyalty to him. Needless to say breaking those promises became a thoroughly messy affair.

Forget-me-not - Wrought silver flower
Requiring a drop of someones blood to make, the Forget-me-not allows you to see a persons face when you meditate on it for a short while. It will show you their face currently, howver it may look, but it will not show any other details nor external things that have been attached to or rest on the face. Even tattoos do not show up.

Narcissus Mirror

Those who look into it see visions of their desires and their loved ones, so vivid and real that they pay rapt attention for anywhere from 10 minutes to hours. Some have wasted away looking into them, usually those who desire much and have little. Whilst someone else is bewitched by the mirror, everyone else only sees regular reflections in it giving the impression that the bewitched person is staring longingly at themselves. Breaking eye contact may not break the spell, as they will no doubt clamour to see the mirror again. Only strength of will can pull you away. It was originally comissioned by a sailor who asked the local wiseman for a way to see his family while he was away. The ship became quickly mutinous as people began to fight over the marvelous mirror.

Posted on February 1st, 2018 by Rhys McMillanHexmapping Tool | Twitter | Patreon


Inanimate Type ι
Another great theme post. The Promise Drop is my favorite of the bunch, so many possible applications and stories it could fit into.
Wed Jan 31 2018 19:21:01 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)