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Some short RPGs I've published elsewhere

Here are a couple of short RPGs that I've published elsewhere. They are all unplaytested, conceptual, short, and hopefully very evocative.  Also very different from each other and from Thornwood School of Magics which is a more fully fledged affair.


Most recently TH3S3US was made for the "#sadmechjam" which I found out about through the RPG twittersphere. I'm not much of a mech enthusiast, but I had this simple idea based on the ship of theseus and I thought it was too evocative not to write up and submit.

Find it here: https://rhysmakesthings.itch.io/th3s3us


A Fancy Tapas Restaurant (A Millenial Horror Game)

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, a humorous (yet representative of real stress and "horror") parlour larp about going to a fancy tapas restaurant with people you're afraid will judge you for your dietary restrictions.

Find it here: https://twitter.com/rhysmakeswords/status/1057598318308614144


Rules As God

This one wasn't as successful as I'd like in terms of the finished product. It's very cool to me, but I think I failed in the communication of the idea. Essentially the rules are meant to be interpreted during play, but also you're meant to build up a series of "rituals" in play as though the religion surrounding the text is evolving and being constructed as you go. It is an interesting curio nontheless.

Find it here: https://200wordrpg.github.io/2018/rpg/2018/05/22/RulesasGod.html

Posted on February 28th, 2019 by RhysHexmapping Tool | Twitter | Patreon