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Faqir - An abstract game from the world of Thornwood RPG

Faqir is a game dating back to the original Magi from ancient Persia. There was magic before the Magi, but they were the first to study and learn how to properly harness it. The game was used as a teaching tool, but also as a highly competitive and respected challenge. Some believe that it is merely the theme of the game that was educational, while others maintain that the way it requires you to think is beneficial and emulates the focus and mental state needed for casting spells. It still sees popular play today with regular Faqir tournaments and players in the magic community all over the world. Particularly enthusiastic players will have enchanted Faqir sets that transform, follow, and move automatically.

Here are the rules:

(Click for a larger version)

These rules are my rough draft, I think that the game might have a lot of potential for being drawn out, not sure how likely ties are either or if theres a better way to avoid those. I've played a couple of times and it required a different way of thinking than chess which I found fun and was pleased with. Let me know what you think.


edit: oh and as per my tweet the layout and images here are just rough so I could get the idea out.

Posted on July 22nd, 2018 by RhysHexmapping Tool | Twitter | Patreon