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1d20 Market Influences, Simple town Generation

Roll on the following table to see what it is like selling/buying a particular item in a particular place. Then think about why it is like that. Knowing some simple information about how the town values different goods can be a great inspiration for what they place is like!

Underneath the table there is a button that will automatically generate a towns market for you, filling in a lot of the details.


Normal (Sell price 1/2 times buy price)


Drought. There aren't any sources of this thing nearby. Sell Price + 5 * ration days to transport it here from the nearest source. Buy Price 2x that


Flood. This item is heavily produced here. Sell and buy price half normal.


Outlawed/banned. This item is highly illegal here. Sell price 5x normal. Buy Price 2x that


Controlled substance. You can (legally) import no more than 5 units of this item at a time. Buy price 1.5x normal . Sell price 1.5x normal but a 0.5x tax is paid for each item imported.


Monopoly. One entity has a monopoly on the selling of this item. They will seek damages if you try to undercut them. Buy price 5x normal. Sell price up to 4x normal buy price, but regular sell price if you sell to the monopolisers.


Barter good. In the culture of the people here this item is used as a bartering good rather than something sold for coin. Randomly choose an item sold here. These items can be traded 1 for 1. Other items are traded based on price.


Taboo. This item is rarely bought or sold here due to cultural distaste towards it. Sell price 1/2 normal but you may be able to find a shameful buyer who will buy a large quantity at normal buy price (ie. twice normal sell price)


Loved. This item is used disproportionately more here than elsewhere. 2x sell and buy price


Heavily Taxed. This item faces very high import fees and/or export fees of half the normal selling price. Roll a d8. 1-3 import fee, 4-6 export fee, 7-8 both.


Bad conditions. There are some adverse conditions that make this product deteriorate in quality quickly in this place. Without some way of preserving it the sell price is half normal. A well preserved version is worth 3x normal buy price and can be bought for twice that.


Good conditions. The quality of this item is unusually high here. Selling the same item from elsewhere in this place is worth 1/4 regular sell price. Selling the item bought here somewhere else is worth 2x sell price if the quality is appreciated.


Non-existent. The people here don't have this thing and are not familiar with it. It is not available to buy. If you can demonstrate its value you can sell it like the Drought effect. It's tough to do though, and otherwise you can't sell it at all.


Superceded. There is widespread cheap availability of something that is better in all ways than this item in the eyes of the people here. They will not buy it, and if they happen to own it they will give it away for free.


Quality Control. There is an official quality grading process here. Low grade products are sold as Taboo, Medium as Normal, and High as Loved. The quality is represented by some physical official item or document that is illegal to forge subject to heavy fines and banning from entry. Unless they've taken steps to avoid it, any items currently owned will be graded as Low.


Craved. People don't buy this good here. They take it.


Rationed. You can't buy or sell this good here. Any that you have on you will be charged as an entry fee and it can only be acquired with a ration token.Treat as outlawed/banned but a days labour will get you a ration token for it.


Classist. Normal sell and buy but it is illegal to sell to people other than the noble or mercantile class. If you can find a buyer among them treat as outlawed/banned but this is unlikely as they are poor. An organisation of the lower classes might have enough to buy it.


Necessity. No buy price, double sell price.


Dangerous. This item attracts the attention of some malevolent creature/being/wizard. It is not welcome here.



 The generator uses a set list of items with each of them getting a 1 in 10 chance of having a special modifier applied to them.


Posted on June 14th, 2018 by RhysHexmapping Tool | Twitter | Patreon